June 27, 2016


Speakers and Monitors

Mackie SRM450 Monitor W/Stand

" accurate bass down to 55Hz; midrange that's free from ear-fatiguing harshness; and detailed treble out to 20kHz. " Mackie SRM 450 specification page


Mackie SRM 1801 Subwoofer

" The Mackie SRM1801 18 inch Powered Subwoofer delivers powerful, chest-thumping lows... has a ported bass reflex design that produces tight low end. " Mackie SRM 1801 specification page


Portable Roland BA-330

"Whether battery powered or plugged in, the BA-330 delivers high-performance sound that defies its size. Its digital stereo amplifier drives four 6.5" stereo speakers and two tweeters, positioned for wide stereo projection. It's the ideal, all-in-one portable PA solution for small music venues, worship events, conferences, seminars, business meetings, and much more. This portable unit includes a microphone with a 25' Cable and a cord for your iPod or Laptop."


Portable Roland BA-55

The unique BA-55 provides self-contained, high-quality, and battery-powered sound reinforcement for any environment. It�s solidly built yet lightweight, and comes bundled with a matching wireless microphone for public speaking, singing, and many other events. It is a lightweight portable amplifier with a 6 hour battery life, includes a stand and wireless microphone, and a mic stand.


Block Rocker

"300-Watt battery powered portable PA System with iPod dock, cable for ipod or laptop, 25' cable and microphone."


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